How to draw a treble clef.

I was so impressed with your beautiful treble clefs this week! If you want to practice drawing them at home here is the video to help you!

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KS1 Reading and writing music!

Hi there,

This is for KS1. Sing along to the lines and spaces song like we did in class. It will help you to remember the musical notes we have learnt this week.

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KS2 Singing – Count on me.

It was great to see you all today in the KS2 singing assembly. We are very lucky to have Mr Grundy joining us on the piano this term and you all sang really well today. Here is a sing-along version of Count on me for you to practice at home.


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Sport Relief 2018

We have had so much fun in music lessons this morning singing the Sports Relief 2018 song and learning the dance moves! You were all so groovy!! Here is the video!

Sports Relief Song 2018 Lyrics – Click this link.

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Junior Choir: We will be performing SIYA HAMBA in Achievement Assembly on Thursday morning. Make sure you practice at home and DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MEDALS!!!!

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Well Done Junior Choir – Lambeth Music Festival 2018

I would like to say a huge well done to the Junior Choir who performed brilliantly at the Royal Festival Hall yesterday afternoon. It was a very memorable occasion and we are all really proud of them. They sung as part of a massed choir in the Lambeth Music Festival’s 2018 Junior Singing Concert. Since January the children have worked really hard to learn all the songs and actions for the concert and they fully deserved the medals they were awarded and the huge round of applause they received! We are all really proud of them. I would like to say thank you also to the staff and parents who helped support the trip and to everyone who came to watch! It was an AMAZING event!

R Jones

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Celebrating singing on ‘Sing Up’ day 2018

I wanted to say a huge HUGE MASSIVE WELL DONE to you ALL and to congratulate everyone for the wonderful singing you did yesterday.

Taking part in International ‘Sing Up’ day 2018 and joining schools across the globe to celebrate singing was very special and I was incredibly proud of you all.

We came together as a whole school to sing the song ‘Be the Change’ which had been specially commissioned for this year’s celebrations. I was really proud of your performance and thought you sang beautifully with enthusiasm and conviction! It was amazing to hear you all sing together as that is not something we often get chance to do! It really sounded awesome!

We were very lucky to be visited by someone from ‘Sing Up’ who filmed us singing and will use some of the footage to add to their digital choir which will feature schools all across the world singing ‘Be the change’! This should be ready to view next month.

All day the school was full of music and singing as we hosted our class singing competitions.

Congratulations to the winners 1P and 6C who were awarded our new ‘Singing Excellence’ trophies for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2!

You can look forward to seeing them perform the winning songs next week in singing assembly.

It was a very tough decision to choose winners as all the classes performed so well! I was incredibly impressed by how hard you had all worked to learn your songs and perform them so confidently.

Well done everyone! It was a fantastic day!


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International Sing Up Day 2018

I hope you are all excited and looking forward to International Sing Up day next Wednesday 14th March. It is going to be a great day for singing, not only at Clapham Manor Primary School, but in schools all over the World! I’m really looking forward to hearing the whole school sing ‘Be the Change’ together. I think it is going to sound awesome!

It’s very exciting that Sing Up have chosen us to be in their international digital choir so we really have to perform our very best on Wednesday as they are coming to film us! Make sure you are practising between now and then and on the day remember to follow my actions.

I can’t wait to hear all your class songs for the singing competition. I think it is going to be very difficult to judge and choose a winner for each key stage. Which classes will be the proud winners of our new shiny school singing trophies?! I will announce the winners on Wednesday in the singing assembly.

I’d really like to know your thoughts…….. Please leave comments.

Why do you think we have a day to celebrate singing? What does singing means to you? How does singing make you feel?

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Lambeth Music Festival – Junior Choir – Songs

Here are some videos to help you practice some of our songs. Unfortunately I am unable to upload the the tracks we have been using in rehearsals but these versions are very similar so they will help you when you practice at home.

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Lambeth Music Festival – Junior Choir Songs – Action videos

Here are action videos for some of the songs we will be performing in the Royal Festival Hall concert. Unfortunately some of the videos are too large for me to upload on the blog, but don’t worry we will practice them again next week.


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